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Tantra Yoga Teacher

 Jason’s passion for practicing and sharing the teachings of Tantra Yoga is the driving force in his life.  He studied and taught at Tantra Yoga Schools from 2007 to 2014, participating as a teacher in five Yoga teacher trainings.  He currently resides on Maui in Hawaii where he continues to explore the virtues of the science of Tantra yoga.

He is grateful for the blessing of studying and teaching the Tantra Yoga system that transformed his life, as well as the lives of countless students around the world.  He believes that in every situation that life has to offer, “The answer is Love.

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Tantra Yoga Teacher

Jennelle developed a unique blend of erotic dance, tantra yoga and world music called Dance Of Magdalena, in which she facilitates a place for women to heal emotionally, sexually and spiritually as well as tap into their Divine feminine strength.

“Drawing from my experience as a holistic nutritionist and yoga teacher my journey has led me to this path where I travel around the world, giving workshops and teaching people how to turn their sexuality into something sacred and Divine.”

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Tantra Yoga Teacher

Scarlett has been living and sharing her spiritual journey, as a teacher and as a practitioner of various styles of yoga, for over 18 years. With a deep appreciation for the sacred teachings of Tantra, as an integral path of intimacy and connection, she passionately transmits to others the possibilities of living a more fulfilled and conscious life.

“It is through the daily practice of opening of our hearts that we can be guided by the vibration of love and truly surrender into infinite Being”

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 Sexuality has always attracted and interest me. It has made me feel beautiful, powerful and lovable but in the same time I have felt confused, very vulnerable and misunderstood by this art called Love Making.  For me, Tantra is the natural next step to understand and get involved in the Art of Love in more deeper level of consciousness.

“How much there can be me so that us can come into being, and how much there can be us so that I can remember who am I?”

Karin is coordinating all workshops and retreats for Tantra School of Love in Estonia and assisting in the workshops.                                              .



 Since very young I have a spiritual interest. As owner and organizer of Yoga school and Healing Meet-up in Amsterdam  I came across a lot of people who have interest to study and practice Tantra experience. In my yoga practice and meditations the Tantric feel of love and devotion became more and more prominent through out the years.  

For me Tantra is the connection with ourself and our true nature and sharing this with others in various meditations.
This sharing brings us to our natural high state. 

Eduard is coordinating all workshops and retreats for Tantra School of Love in Netherlands and assisting in the workshops.